Aeternum Birch World Origin

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Aeternite Birch World Origin
– An Origin to play as (almost) the Aeternum from Gigastructural Engineering in the Hexagon Cluster, with the ability to build Aeternite Psykofabricators on Shrouded Worlds and a relic to forge Aeternite warships from pure Shroud energy.

– An Origin replicates the conditions of Aiondia and a Prescripted Country mimics the Aeternum that start in Hexagon Cluster of the Galactic Core. It also features an inaccurate replica of the Aeternum’s original home system covered in a Space Storm and several Celestial Warships hiding in the system.

– At the start you have the option to choose the starting components of Aeternite Warships – Default and Blokkat. In the second month, appropriate traits, warships, populations, megastructures and modifiers will be assigned.

– The two choices have their variant two Systemcrafts, available only via assembling from the Systemcraft Assembler of Gigas Stellar Manipulation (they are 50% more costly based on the cost normal Systemcrafts from older version of Gigas Stellar Manipulation than the 3.12 patch).

– Two Planetary Computers in the vicinity ready to be colonized (without the outdated Orbital Arcologies).

– An Edict to manually connect the Galactic Core to the wider galaxy, or you can wait until the next 100 years to automatically connect to the wider galaxy.

– A unique colony designation for the Birch World, unique armies based on the original Aeternum, a megastructure spawns multiple defense platforms after being built, and one can be built on Shrouded Worlds to spawn fleets after upgrading, which then deletes the megastructure and reduces the size of a Shrouded World.

– Aeternite Planetcrafts can be built from Behemoth Assembly Plant, albeit more expensive (with a stronger modifier) with predetermined designs.

– Infinite Carrying Capacity deposit from Carrying Capacity will appear on Void Birch, Stellar Birch and Soul Birch (rewrote an event that causes gamecrash).

– The Hexagon Cluster’s outer systems are Black Holes and several barren planets can be terraformed to build Maginot Worlds and Black Holes can be used to build a Matter Decompressor, HRAE-MC, a EHOF or a Penrose Ringworld (Matter Decompressor cannot be built in systems with habitable planets).

– Three outer systems are guarded by Magical Planetcrafts.

Inspiration and Credit
• The Ex-Aeternum Birch World Origin for the initial code to generate the Hexagon Cluster.

Required items:

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