Ancient Caches of Fallen Empires

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The newest version of ACOT gave the Fallen Empires the equivalent (albeit weaker) version of Precursor Ships to show they used to stride on the path of Project Reimagination and failed to achieve the potential of Alpha Technologies.

However, there can be a few more touching to add some flavor.


– The Fallen Empires have a Void Star in home system and full access to Delta Technologies, alongside precursor ships from ACOT and Acquistion of Technology such as Gatekeeper and Ascended Warbarge.

– Their systems are protected by Precursor Citadels with Guardians and Sentinels as defense platforms (since these structures do not have an equivalent), with the Sentinels are in colonized systems and Guardians in empty systems.

– (Gigastructural Engineering) The Fallen Empires will utilize Behemoth Planetcrafts with Delta and Alpha Technologies.

– In additional, the Fallen Empires receive a modifier to enhance starbases and defense platforms, and a modifier to increase their effectiveness against crisises (Vanilla Criseses, Aeternum, Blokkat, Katzen, etc) and Crisis Empire (also Default Empire, Ascended Empire and Lost Empire). Upon Awakening, they will receive a resource modifier to keep up with younger empires.

– An Awakened Fallen Empire naturally has access to Fallen Warships with Alpha Technologies, regardless of the circumstance of their awakening.

– Support for Additional Crisis’ Super Weapons to use ACOT Override Components.

– FE Mooncrafts and Planetcrafts can use Delta Components as Fallen Empires and Alpha Components as Awakened Fallen Empire.
– Be careful with Disinterested Gamers from Gigastrutural Engineering because that function turns all Materialist FEs into Disinterested Gamers.

– This is NOT achievement-compatible.