Cosmogenesis Building Perk Information

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Author: Lenkcy

Last revision: 9 Jun at 20:27 UTC

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Current version: 3.12.4 ✔️
Can be used in multiplayer even if other players don’t have it.

Achievement / Ironman compatible ✔️

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This mod is aimed at informing what each building perk does in the Cosmogenesis crisis path so that you know what buildings will become unlocked at each tier instead of guess work or looking at Wikipedia.

A reworked description of the Cosmogenesis Perks to better inform the player what each perk unlocks as they do not tell you outright what they unlock.

Current Supported languages

  • English
  • Spanish (Google Translate)
  • Portuguese (Google Translate)
  • French (Google Translate)
  • German (Google Translate)

Yes you can still earn achievements playing with this mod as it only effects the user interface, no gameplay changes have been made.

The mod is completely save game compatible, you can activate / deactivate the mod without any impact. Works on previous save games as well.