Starbase Extended 3.0

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Author: Gage

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Starbase Extended 3.0 is an overhaul of the old !Starbase Extended! mod created by DrBlood.

All credits for the scripts, ui-elements, icons of the old mod go to him, SableDrake, Orrie and Mario.

I’ve overhauled the mod to make it work with Stellaris Vanilla, NSC and ACOT, fixed some issues and optimized the scripts.

Starbase Extended 3.0 Supports Stellaris 3.**.* (Vanilla), NSC and ACOT.


Starbase Levels:

– Starport: 6 Modules / 4 Buildings

– Starhold: 12 Modules / 9 Buildings

– Fortress: 16 Modules / 14 Buildings

– Citadel: 21 Modules / 21 Buildings

– Stronghold: 28 Modules / 28 Buildings

– Headquarters: 35 Modules / 35 Buildings

– Various Modules and Buildings.


Starbase Extended 3.0 is NOT 100 % save-game friendly!
It will work with a save-game if you have used the old SBX mod in your playset when saving a game.

In all other cases a new game is required!

Do not use in the same playset with !Starbase Extended! or !Starbase Extended! 2.0.

Load order:

– NSC (optional)
– Other mods like ship-sets.
– UI-Overhaul Dynamic MANDATORY
– Starbase Exteded 3.0 (MUST be loaded below UI-O, NSC and ACOT!)

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Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.