Ministry Buildings Mod

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Author: communista

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**This mod is a fork of my Expanded Buildings Mod. This mod is not required if Expanded Buildings is in use.**

Adds new empire uniques represeting your empire’s core government ministries and departments. These provide powerful [non-gestalt] empire-wide effects at the cost of increasing job upkeep.
– The Ministry of Energy
– The Ministry of Agriculture
– The Ministry of Extraction
– The Ministry of Transportation
– The Ministry of Truth
– The Ministry of Defence
– The Ministry of Intelligence
– The Ministry of Security
– Army HQ
– Starfighter Command
– Military-Industrial Complex
– Galactic Affairs Office, Office of the Custodian and Imperial Administration are an upgradable series of building that enhance the effectiveness of your rule over the galaxy.
– The Federation HQ or Federation Affairs Office (for non-Presidents) make your federation more cohesive and effective. And don’t worry: if you lose the Presidency the building effortlessly converts between its two versions.
– The Ministry of Peace/War – another converting building for Pacifist empires that enhances their diplomacy during times of peace and their tankiness during times of war.

Changes to game files are minimal so should be widely compatible.

Link to the full Expanded Buildings Mod:


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