Expanded Buildings Mod

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Author: communista

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**Completely revised and re-worked for Stellaris 3.12.**

In Andromeda (3.12.*), Paradox significantly expanded and reworked Fallen Empire buildings, adding a ton of new buildings in two tiers but locking them behind the Cosmogenesis crisis tradition. As a result, the Expanded Buildings Mod has also been reworked and revised so that the 3.12 Fallen Empire buildings are now Tier 4 and Tier 5 of the regular building tree and accessible to all empires without taking Cosmogenesis. They still work for the crisis path, of course, which now simply guarantees the requisite technologies rather than having to wait for them to roll.

Several additional buildings have been added to fill out the tech tree, including Tier 2&3 Hydroponics Farms and Resource SIlos, the Nanite Fabrication Facility (which produces nanites) and the Singularity Core (which produces dark matter).

The mod also features new Empire uniques. These tend to provide powerful [non-gestalt] empire-wide effects at the cost of increasing job upkeep.
– The Ministry of Energy
– The Ministry of Agriculture
– The Ministry of Extraction
– The Ministry of Transportation
– The Ministry of Truth
– The Ministry of Defence
– The Ministry of Intelligence
– The Ministry of Security
– Army HQ
– Starfighter Command
– Military-Industrial Complex
– Galactic Affairs Office/Office of the Custodian/Imperial Administration
– Federation HQ/Federation Affairs Office
– Ministry of Peace/Ministry of War

For this mod to work, there have been significant changes to vanilla buildings and technologies. This mod may not play well with other mods that alter those categories.

If you want to use the empire-unique ministry buildings without changes to core game files, you can use this fork mod here:


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.