slightly smarter ai

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Author: Cheesemongle

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Changes how AI plans its resources, manages its jobs, and decides what ships to build.
– Ai prioritises Minerals in the early game, incase its space mining is lacking
– Ai, especially militarist and genocidal, have a much higher focus of Alloys
– Spiritualists/Hives will focus Unity, Materialists/Machines will focus Science – but not to the detriment of alloy production
– Ai will disable Clerks where they aren’t needed, and Soldiers when they aren’t needed
– Ai is a little better at building Holo-Theatres, will not unemploy entertainers (to not confuse other automation)
– Ai will now properly force enforcers where crime events have occurred, to try and shut down criminals
– Ai acceptance for Subjugation is reduced significantly
– Ai is blocked from using Bio-Reactors due to the confusion to production it causes (it sees farmers: oh, food! it builds it: wait, i have food deficit now?)
– Ai will have its factory/foundry designations re-set if it nears or is in a deficit for either resource, preventing the ai from deadlocking its production
– Ai weights for ship type choices and section templates are redone, missile-preference empires will use cruisers and corvettes more than battleships (except in times of crisis, where it will absolutely prefer those)

Other change(s) this mod makes that aren’t related to AI:
– the Destroyer Picket bow is now 4 PD slots, instead of 2 Small + 1 PD (where it lacks a slot due to small slot equivalence rule)

AI on Ensign difficulty can keep up with the player, instead of totally falling behind in early and mid game.

For version 3.12+
(Some overhaul mods already have their own Ai changes – otherwise, place this mod above all others to allow overwrites)

– bio reactor building, foundry/factory colony types
– colony automation exceptions, colony automation categories
– economic plans
– corvette, destroyer, cruiser, battleship section templates + ship sizes (uses inline scripts)