Beyond The Shroud

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Author: JeVaisFaireForgeron

Last revision: 10 May at 20:38 UTC (1)

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I merge into this mod some features from others mods such as :

  • Shroud Arcology from Planetary DIversity


Many thanks to Fresh_Limon for the Russian translation of this mod !


This mod aims to improve psionic ascension path by providing a more immersive way to become the strongest psionic civilisation that ever existed. You will investigate and follow the zroni precursor quest while unlocking new techs and powers.

  • New origin In the footsteps of the Zroni which start with zroni abandoned excavation site on moon (psionic archive relic event chain) and archeostudies tech researched
  • New covenant Traveller From Beyond that focus on mobility/exploration and provides research
  • Megastructure Aetherophasic Collapser for all covenants (mid-late game) 100-500 favor (Astral thread cost) that produces a lot of zro and gives you powers to summon powerful shroud entities via custom shroud lobby
  • Megastructure Labyrinth of Abstraction for all covenants that requires 25 favor. It will provide new jobs and unique features…
  • Mind Over Matter requires 1 ascension perk instead of 2 if you have psionic archive relic
  • New psionics techs
  • A new arcology decision with a district that provide 6 telepaths (replace eclesiastic district) for every covenant with at least 90 favor (rank 3)
  • Astral Rift oriented tradition tree
  • The special project when a covenant is confirmed, displays current favor and how much you generate per month (so you can see how much favor you have)
  • And more…

For more information, here is the mod’s documentation :

  • Psionic species expanded
  • Gigastructures
  • Psionics Tri-Expanded
  • Ancient Cache of Technologies
  • Ancient Cache of Technologies – Secrets Of The Shroud
  • Shroud Rising
  • Decadence of Sanity

This mod override utopia events for covenants, so it should be compatible with every mods that don’t use these files. Also every new covenant will need a patch to work with it.
Here are all the things that are overwritten (I’ll do my best to reduce this list in the future)

# Astral actions
– astral_actions/astral_planes_actions.txt (Tradition Tree)

# Script Values
– progressive_rifts_additional_weight (Tradition Tree)
– scaled_astral_action_cost (Tradition Tree)

# Economic Categories
– planet_telepaths (Tech bonus)

# Pop jobs:
– telepaths (New covenant)

# Ascension
– ap_mind_over_matter (Relic requirements)

# Scripted_triggers
– suitable_for_chosen (New covenant)
– has_psionic_leader_trait (New covenant)
– has_chosen_one_leader_trait (New covenant)
– has_chosen_covenant_trait_non_ruler (New covenant)

# Council Agendas
– agenda_psionic_supremacy (New covenant)

# Stabase building
– zroni_storm_caster (Zroni shield effect)

# Events for the new covenant
– utopia.3303 # Pick a Patron to contact
– utopia.3005 # Attempt to Contact a Major Entity
– utopia.2658 # A Confirmation
– utopia.3310 # Covenant Sealed
– utopia.3190 # Vision 10 – Chosen One

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Utopia
Stellaris: Apocalypse
Stellaris: Ancient Relics Story Pack
Stellaris: Astral Planes

Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.