Military Enhancements 2.0 [Invasion Events and More]

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Author: BaconDoneRight

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1.2.1 Update:

Bugfixes and localization adjustments for individualist, spiritualist machine empires.


Mission Statement

This mod seeks to overhaul and improve systems related to Ground Combat while remaining unobtrusive and keeping the spirit of vanilla Stellaris.

At a Glance

60+ new technologies
32 invasion events for attackers
18 invasion events for defenders
11 new buildings
21 new armies
12 new policies
An overhaul of Gene Warriors
The addition of the “Armaments” strategic resource
Complete Hive, Machine, and Corporate Empire compatibility with unique flavor

Smart Combat Events

There are fifty total combat events, 32 for attackers and 18 for defenders. They are highly reactive, changing based on the civics of both empires involved, the buildings present on the planet, and even the planet population. For example, genocidal empires attacking a highly militarist nation may find a flood of militia stalling their efforts. Pacifist empires will help refugees; Devouring Swarms will eat them (yes, really).
– Large number of unique events with various options and effects
– Unique flavor for Gestalt empires wherever appropriate
– Both AI and Players can now sack enemy planets, giving a greater incentive to protect your systems


The biggest change to vanilla Stellaris is the addition of the “Armaments” strategic resource–used to purchase units, upkeep units, and construct fortresses. This resource is fully compatible with the AI, which seems to manage its production quite well. Armaments require specialized factories to build them, and the best units can require several full buildings to maintain them. The upkeep of units can be offset through the advancement in the “Logistics” policy tree, which is absolutely necessary for large-scale warfare.
– AI functionality
– Variable soldier upkeep
– Integrated technologies to improve armament production and reduce upkeep as the game progresses


There are twelve new policies with varying bonuses and roleplay flavor. They are not exclusively stat modifiers; empires whose armies consist of religious zealots will have their own priests produce armaments, while empires of exclusively militiamen will find their farmers and miners contributing to planetary defense.
– Unique “Logistics” policy tree, which requires technology to advance
– Highly advanced policies, such as AI-HUD integration, requires rare technologies
– Exclusive policies for Megacorporations and Gestalt Empires
– Unique policies that add additional features beyond stat changes

Weapon Platform

There is a new “Weapon Platform” system to further enhance your armies. By researching the proper technology and selecting a new policy, you will completely alter the resource upkeep of your arms producers in exchange for massive army strength boosts. Will your forces field railguns or the power of black holes? Will you buy inexpensive laser rifles for your corporate slaves, or will you field only the most elite troopers with the most costly weaponry?
– Production upkeep reacts to Weapon Platform Selection
– Three different categories: ballistics, lasers, or plasma

Technologies, Buildings, and Armies

There is a massive number of new technologies added, many of which are solely dedicated to incremental stat bonuses to your soldiers. Other technologies, however, may unlock new buildings, such as a massive fortress complex or a specialized logistics office. There are over a dozen new standard armies to be recruited with your growing technology, as well as a handful of event exclusive armies
– Gestalt-unique technologies and armies
– Specialized training buildings are necessary to produce the best soldiers
– The number of certain armies are now capped to encourage diversification

Gene Warrior Overhaul

Instead of just training Gene Warriors, you now must construct a special building, which triggers an event chain that allows you to name your own branch of Super Soldiers. This event chain also allows you to select various permanent bonuses, such as a boost to all Clone Armies, the spawning of a special hero unit, or boosts to Biology research.
– Flavor and bonuses
– Name selection for Gene Warriors
– Unique unit names if the Super Soldier Project is called “the Spartan Project”


This mod only overrides a single vanilla file: topbar_other_resource_groups. However, every base game army is altered, as well as several buildings and pop jobs. To ensure proper functionality, I’d recommend placing this mod as low on your load order as possible. Additionally, if you still have issues with compatibility, I’d recommend trying the event only version of this mod which should be compatible with anything.

Compatible mods:
– Casako’s Framework (patch here) by Molten Ring
– Gigastructural Engineering (patch here)
– Ground Command (patch here)
UI Overhaul Dynamic (no patch required)
Universal Resource Patch (no patch required)

Furthermore, any mods that add additional armies will require a patch to make them cost Armaments.


Simplified Chinese by 卡尔文迪斯梅特


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.