Neo-Enigmatic Shipset

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Author: MadamLava

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Neo-Enigmatic Shipset – Version 1.0.0

1.0.0 – Its been 84 years…

  • Added a custom Habitat model, which means every planned custom model is now implemented!!
  • There MAY be more additions in the future but no promises

Please read description and FAQ before commenting with issues, questions already answered in this description will be either ignored or responded to unfavorably. I mod purely for the fun of it, so please help keep it fun for both of us.

Warning: If you are having trouble with the mod merging in Irony due to capitalized folder names, uninstall and reinstall the mod to replace the folder structure!

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The long-awaited return of the Enigmatic Shipset has arrived!

Under its new "Neo" moniker, all included models have been completely redone and retextured to a much higher standard of quality. Perfect for menacing, technological, or otherwise imposing empires, the geometric metallic hulls of these ships are accented by detail lighting and ports shining proudly in your primary empire color. Larger special ship types are even stranger in their abstract forms, looming menacingly over any unfortunate star system.

Note: This shipset is not sectioned, and additionally does not use visible turret models due to technical limitations that would make them look poor in this style. Sorry!

Included Models
  • Construction Ship
  • Science Ship
  • Transport Ship
  • Colony Ship
  • Strike Craft
  • Corvette
  • Destroyer
  • Cruiser
  • Battleship
  • Titan
  • Colossus
  • Juggernaut
  • Menacing Ships
  • Starbase
  • Defense Posts
  • Science Post
  • Construction Post
  • Habitat
  • Gateway
  • Hyper Relay
  • Dyson Sphere
  • A unique empire emblem
  • Two custom loading screens
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • "Achievements/Checksum?" – No, shipsets always break this, sorry!
  • "Why are there Mammalian models?" – This mod does not cover every model that exists, a lot of the megastructures will still be vanilla. Sorry!
  • "Is this NSC/similar compatible?" – No. I have no interest in these mods myself so don’t expect a compatibility version for them, sorry. If you (somehow) make a compatibility patch that works even half-decently, I’d frankly be impressed.
  • "Is this compatible with X mod?" – If it doesn’t break other modded shipsets, it won’t break this one. If you do want to make a compatibility patch (shoutout to the Italian Enigmatic Shipset patch, I love whoever made that), go ahead. Show it to me, I’ll probably find it cool.
  • "Will you make the old Enigmatic Shipset available again?" – I’m highly reluctant to due to the drastically lower quality of that mod, almost all of its content is from 2021, and it was my very first mod. Its low-quality and I don’t believe I have its source model files anymore. Sorry!
  • "Aren’t you the Blokkat person?" – Yes, I modeled the Gigastructures Blokkat ships last year. I’m mostly good at this one general ship style, and the old Blokkat ships used Enigmatic models so similarities are to be expected.


Special Thanks/Credits
  • Aryx – Initial introduction to Stellaris modding and contributions to the original Enigmatic Shipset.
  • corsairmarks – Many technical fixes on the original Enigmatic Shipset, and a great deal of help with Stellaris modding in general.
  • Gigastructural Engineering Mod – Giving some platform to my Stellaris modding ventures in the past, as well as for binding my soul into a Hadean curse forcing me to inevitably return to their Discord server again and again.
  • Kazoi – Hi Kazoi 🙂
  • Aoshtai Wiki – Some fun people who have always given nice feedback on my modeling ventures.

Likes/Favorites/Whatever Steam uses are appreciated, if you enjoy my shipset.

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