! Production Revolution LEGACY [3.9]

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Author: 多多良小傘'Kasako

Last revision: 15 Nov, 2023 at 13:12 UTC (1)

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LEGACY version
Newest Update for Current Stellaris
Manpower system that reduces pops, simplifies operations and improves optimization
Independent tech tree and new research system
The vanilla structure system has been expanded, and gameplay is expanded.

  • Scientist Level Extension/Merged Leader Levels/Ethics and Civics : InfinityThere is an unknown conflict, resulting in CTD, which may be compatible in the future.
  • pop Theory/ The realm of species is completely incompatible and will cause the manpower system to collapse.
  • All content based on [pop amount] is incompatible and requires a custom patch.
  • Universal Compatibility Patch
  • [/list]

    Introduction to core functions:
    • Advanced Scientific Research System: An independent scientific research system, unlock the Production Revolution Technology Tree through <High-tech Point>. Completion of any common technology will give <High-Tech Points>, and there will be other ways to generate High-Tech Points in the future.
    • Automatically unlock building slots: According to different planet types, all divisions can unlock a small amount of building slots, so the more divisions, the more buildings that can be built.
    • Job Absorption: Only a small number of posts supported by the manpower system will remain, and the rest will be absorbed by manpower. Its economic output and function modifier will be added to the <Basic Output> of the manpower System.
    • Production efficiency: the total output of the manpower system = basic output × production efficiency. Therefore, the higher the production efficiency, the more output of the manpower system. Production efficiency also affects the output of the pop, when it is greater than 1, the pop output will increase linearly.
    • Activate Production Revolution: You can select <Complete Form> on the first page of the opening settings, all countries will default to Production Revolution, and all planets will be colonized to complete the transformation. If you choose <Historical Mode>, you need to unlock the Production Revolution through scientific research, and then perform planetary transformation through planetary decisions to activate the function of the Production Revolution.
    • Unemployment conversion: The Production revolution does not allow excessive unemployment. When the unemployed exceeds a certain value, it will be automatically converted into manpower. This value is usually 1 and can be adjusted.

    User Guide
    • For detailed instructions, please open the in-game settings panel to view.
    • <pop> and <Manpower> can be converted into each other automatically or manually.
    • <Position> Most of them will be absorbed if supported by the manpower system.
    • <more manpower> or <less workshop> means higher output

    <If you have any problem with this mod, find "kasako_mods" channel here.>


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    ! Casako's Framework LEGACY [3.9]Steam Workshop

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