Chosen Messiah Trait

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Author: Cathelia Samicora

Last revision: 11 May at 10:56 UTC

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Chosen Messiah Trait

A simple mod that adds a new trait for species which grant the "Chosen One" trait on the current ruler.

There are indeed many similar mods on the workshop that provide variety ways to grant your ruler immortality, but most of them must cost a civic slot or even have to cost the origin. And the rest mods that adding immortal traits are granting immortality to not only rulers, but also all other leaders, which does not meet my needs. That’s why I made this mod.

– This is a trait for species, so you could make your ruler immortal while being free to choose any other civics or origins.
– Only your current ruler will get the "Chosen One" trait. Neither other leaders nor the next new ruler (if current one is dead by accident) can benefit from it.
You can still get another "Chosen One" trait from "The Shroud" normally. Only one "Chosen One" leader can exist at one time.
– This trait costs 0 and does not occupy trait picks limit. (It is not balanced, but mainly for making ruler immortal)
– This trait cannot be obtained by machine species. (Their ruler is already immortal and should not have psi power)
– This trait cannot be obtained by hive mind species. (Their ruler is already immortal)
– This trait cannot be removed or added through Gene Tailoring.
– This trait will not be added during hybridization.
– This trait can be used in pre-designed AI empires, but will not be generated randomly. (Actually it grants the "Chosen One" trait right at the beginning of a game, so adding it by console commands in the middle of a game have no effects)
This trait is only suggested using in Autocratic Government forms, otherwise the "Chosen One" trait might be lost if the current ruler has lost the ruler election. (This is probably an old bug in vanilla game, although the former starting ruler will regain the Chosen One trait if he/she is re-elected as next ruler, he/she might die of age while being a mortal non-ruler) After Stellaris 3.8 update, the Chosen One trait will now automatically shift itself according to the leader’s type, so it won’t be lost during the election anymore.

This mod does not modify any vanilla files, it should be compatible with any mod.

Update 2023/01/13
Chosen Messiah Trait (NDSE)
(NDSE is short for "No Divine Sovereign Event")
– A new alternative version of Chosen Messiah trait has been added.
– This alternative trait will prevent the Divine Sovereign Event from triggering on the specific empire.
– This setting is mainly useful for pre-designed AI empires, if you don’t want these AI empires to automatically shift themselves into new random-named imperial empires at the game’s early time because of the Chosen One ruler.
– The NDSE version of Chosen Messiah trait is mutually exclusive with the original one, you can only pick one of them for each specie, while the original Chosen Messiah trait will still provide you the access to the Divine Sovereign event.

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