Narco State: New Criminal Civic (3.8.3)

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Enter the high-stakes arena of galactic narcotics production with the new ‘Narco State’ civic in Stellaris, where you can expand your criminal operations by constructing two powerful new corporate buildings, execute a specialized espionage operation to cripple law enforcement of your unwitting "customers", and wage a brutal turf war with the ‘Hostile Takeover’ casus belli – all while striving to become the ultimate criminal mastermind with the ‘Narco State’ civic!

For the rest of the unwitting galaxy, there is a slate of new galactic resolutions based around criminal empires, "Underworld Empowerment", which among many things increases criminal branch office value, allow for criminal empires to be constitutionally immune, and even introduces a new living standard which scales based on planetary crime.

This mod also provides a fix for the Paradox bug where criminal branch offices result in overwhelming negative modifiers from Fallen Empires.


The ‘Narco State’ civic provides the following modifiers and abilities:

  • Grants access to the ‘Narcotics Mega Labs’ and ‘Narco Planetary Stronghold’ Corporate Buildings
  • Able to conduct a special Espionage Operation
  • Enables "Hostile Takeover" Causus Belli
  • Empire Size from Branch Offices: -15%
  • Counter Espionage: +20%
  • Encryption: +1

Hire a Capable Capo

With the new Paragons expansion, the ‘Narco State’ civic provides a new Council Position for the ‘Drug Lord Liaison’, which reduces the branch office cost by -5% per Skill Level.
Expand to even more planets!

The Infrastructure of the Narco Trade:
Industrial-Scale Production

The ‘Narcotics Mega Labs’ is a powerful one-per-planet corporate holding that generate +5 Consumer Goods for each criminal on the host planet and a potent 2% total empire trade value boost. The unfortunate host of the building is burdened with +40 crime and +5 trade value.
With every new mega lab our power grows, it’s almost…addicting.

Chaos is a Ladder

The ‘Narco Planetary Stronghold’ is one-per-planet corporate building that serves as a strategic bastion on the host planet built that ensures planetary stability while boosting trade and profits. The building adds +20 Crime and +10 Trade Value along with a 5% empire-wide infiltration rate. For each criminal on the planet, the ‘Narco Planetary Stronghold’ produces an additional 5 Trade Value, Amenities, and Planet Stability. It also adds an additional branch office slot.
They love us for solving the problems we caused…

Show the Authorities Who’s Really in Charge

Bolstering the ‘Narco State’ empire is a unique espionage operation, ‘Consolidate Narco Control’. The sabotage/economy chain allows for the selection of a host world to be saddled with a devastating planetary blocker that carries a variety of painful penalties — but most significantly the replacing of ‘Enforcer’ jobs on the planet with ‘Criminal’ jobs.
They’re so busy cleaning up that mess, we can focus on real business…

Turf War

The ‘Narco State’ civic empowers a Criminal Heritage empire by allowing for it to conduct a "Hostile Takeover" of a rival corporation.
What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is also mine.

Never Let Them Know Your Next Move

The ‘Narco State’ civic can only be selected in tandem with the Criminal Heritage civic. With the Criminal Heritage’s bonuses to infiltration and decryption and the ‘Narco State’ bonuses to counter espionage and encryption, the king pin’s illicit empire will be a master in the espionage game both offensively and defensively.
Always do business on a burner communicator!


The ‘Narco State’ suite of bonuses rewards an aggressive corporate strategy of hungrily expanding branch office operations to as many worlds as possible while zealously defending existing holdings. The ‘Drug Lord Liaison’ council position’s branch office cost reduction and the ‘Narco State’ branch office empire size bonus synergizes with the Narco buildings empire-wide bonuses for infiltration and trade value. The high consumer good production from the ‘Narcotics Mega Labs’ can greatly reduce the need to create civilian industry on the ‘Narco State’ home worlds opening up pure alloy production that can be funneled into a fleet, and, with this fleet, the ‘Narco State’ can proactively hijack other corporation’s branch offices with the "Hostile Takeover" causus belli. When planets begin mounting an Enforcer-led crusade against the ‘Narco State’ holdings, the ‘Consolidate Narco Control’ espionage operation can efficiently squeeze more value out of a planet before planetary law enforcement can remove the branch office. After a few permanent criminals are added to planets from the ‘Consolidate Narco Control’ operation, placing the ‘Narco Planetary Stronghold’ will allow for host planets that have simultaneous high crime and high stability to maximize profits.

Galactic Resolutions: Underworld Empowerment

The ‘Underworld Empowerment" slate of galactic resolutions adds a variety of bonuses to criminal empires and maluses to non-criminal empires. Criminal empires will have trade value, diplomatic power, and empire size reduction multiplied whereas non-criminal empires will have increased crime. As the bonuses climb, powerful effects also take hold including: increasing of negative leader traits, reduce commercial pact efficiency, enables immunity votes for criminal enterprises, and introduces a new forced living standard which scales based on planetary crime.

  • COMPLETE Adjust building, modifier stats based on further play-testing and community feedback. Not designed for purely balance, but primarily for fun challenge.
  • Add a special federation type or subject specialization that benefits a criminal empire’s trade power to the detriment of the subservient parties
  • Add edicts for the ‘Narco State’ that add either Zro and/or Exotic Gas output for criminal buildings (the game’s lore suggests these resources are used as mind-altering, recreational drugs)
  • COMPLETE Utilize the ‘Chemical Bliss’ living standard, somehow
  • COMPLETE Design a modifier that impacts empire leaders with ‘Narco State’ branch offices. Increase the chance of ‘Substance Abuser’, ‘Lavish Lifestyle’, ‘Excessive’ negative traits.
  • COMPLETE Design a suite of criminal galactic resolutions that gradually increase crime, reduce costs for branch offices, reduces galactic market rates, reduce trade protection, reduced penalties in breaching law, make commercial pacts illegal, etc.
  • Create a custom beam for the Colossus that transforms the Colossus from the Death Star into something more akin to a traveling narco-production hub
  • Planets with "Narco Occupied Territory" can hire special Narco armies
  • Add a narco research lab which unlocks additional edicts, colossus ability, and other future planned features
Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: MegaCorp
Stellaris: Nemesis
Stellaris: Galactic Paragons

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