Invasion! (3.8)

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Author: AlphaAsh

Last revision: 19 May, 2023 at 18:09 UTC

File size: 3.41 MB

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Ground War Overhauled

This mod does some stuff.

  • It adds Mechs! And the Mech Lords Ascension Perk, for those that want all the Mechs.
  • It adds new military buildings, jobs and armies, including mechs, aerofighters, elite forces, paladins and pacifiers.
  • It adds new types of defence forces, some that are built, some spawned by new jobs.
  • Losing defence armies now results in war exhaustion.

Not ironpants cheev compatible. Should work fine with an existing save-game.

Over-rides the following files:

1- Thanks to a bug introduced along with the launch in orbit toggle, if you have this set to on on a planet when defence armies are spawned by code, they spawn in orbit. Joy. This is a vanilla issue. Apparently spawning defence armies with script is a naughty now, or sumfing.
2- Thanks to the AI mostly being a closed-box (again), and generally ignoring any changes to exposed handles for modding made (such as weightings, budgets etc.), the AI does not appear to be building mechbays, and thus isn’t recruiting mechs. I cannot be arsed to waste time on trying to improve this. Been there, done that. If you want improvements here, ask PDS.

For best results, put it at the very end.