Roleplayer’s Paradise [Traits, Origins]

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Roleplayer’s Paradise is currently in development, but is close to a full release; all major content has been added.

LINK: Roleplayer’s Paradise Experimental Branch
This version of RPP contains experimental and in-development features. It’s also prone to more bugs and being far less polished.

LINK: My Discord server[]
This server is my main hub for all my mods. You are likely to be the first to get notified of updates and will have opportunities for sneak-peaks and voting on future content.

A few years ago, back in the days of Stellaris version 2.0, there was a mod called ‘RPG Traits’, a mod that added a large number of traits that allowed for players to truly express themselves (and for some others, minmax themselves into gods) unlike many other mods at the time. Almost everything could be changed for a species, and to a strong degree. You want your species to take up little housing space? Done. Strong armies? Just a few trait points. Minmax research? Done, but good luck getting enough trait points for that. The literal opposite? You could do that, too.

Since v2.2, RPG Traits hasn’t been updated at all and has fallen into a state of disrepair. Other people have tried to keep RPGT alive, myself included, but RPGT has become too broken and a large amount of its original content has now been lost, even in the latest restored versions of RPGT–and even those haven’t been updated in a while, to my knowledge. I can pretty confidently say that RPG Traits is dead, now, and will remain so for a long while. Maybe even forever.

That’s where this mod comes in. I believe that RPG Traits is broken enough that making an entire new mod would be easier than trying to fix RPGT. RPP also attempts to solve issues the original RPGT had never solved, such as a severe trait point cost imbalance allowing one to easily pick the best traits and ruin the fun, machine empires being absolutely overpowered across the board, and other balance issues such as the subterranean system.

RPP isn’t intended to be just an updated version of RPGT, however, and instead tries to take a similar path running parallel to RPGT. RPP’s traits for the most part affect a single stat, rather than RPGT’s (and vanilla stellaris by extension) approach at modifying how many stats it made sense to modify. Additionally, RPP has more overall trait categories, and more individual traits in these categories, making a smoother and more customizable curve of how much a trait modifies something.

And I intend on RPP eventually containing more content than RPGT ever did, through re-implementing things from RPGT, alongside creating entirely new ideas.

Of course, traits aren’t going to be the only thing for RPP, as I intend on adding many more roleplay aspects to maximize the potential for creativity in players; more is to come as I develop RPP.

So, what galaxy will YOU create?


There’s literally too many categories of trait to list here, so I’ll instead provide a dozen highlights.
Overall Job Production (and job upkeep, doesn’t include research or unity)
Trade Production
Unity Production
Research Production
Unenslaved Pop Happiness
A Ton of Upkeep Traits
Leader Lifespan Maximum
Leader Experience & Max Level
Pop Cloning
Pop Growth Speed
Machine Empire Stability
Machine Empire Deviancy


Roleplayer’s Paradise overwrites the following vanilla files:
common/traits/02_species_traits_basic_characteristics (disable/rework various traits)
common/traits/04_species_traits (to disable vanilla traits)
common/traits/05_species_traits_robotic (to disable vanilla traits)

Roleplayer’s Paradise also overwrites the following vanilla things, but not the entire files they originate from:
[ascension perk] ap_engineered_evolution
[ascension perk] ap_the_flesh_is_weak
[ascension perk] ap_organo_machine_interfacing
[ascension perk] ap_organo_machine_interfacing_assimilator
[ascension perk] ap_synthetic_evolution
[ascension perk] ap_mind_over_matter
[ascension perk] ap_synthetic_age
[building] building_clone_vats
[gamerule] can_modify_species
[origin] origin_syncretic_evolution
[species right] citizenship_slavery
[tech] tech_gene_tailoring
[tech] tech_glandular_acclimation
[tech] tech_gene_expressions
[tech] tech_robomodding_m
[tech] tech_binary_motivators
[tech] tech_robomodding
[tech] tech_robomodding_points_1
[tech] tech_robomodding_points_2 (DISABLED TECH)
[tech] tech_nanite_assemblers (DISABLED TECH)

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