Civic Engagement

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Author: CaelReader

Last revision: 9 May at 21:54 UTC (3)

File size: 7.19 MB

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For Stellaris 3.12.*
Civic Engagement adds new events and situations that tie into your empire’s civics. Deal with poachers encroaching on your nature preserves as an Environmentalist. Manage a feud between clans of your Warrior Culture. Track down 75 energy credits that have gone missing deep in your Byzantine Bureaucracy.

The mod currently contains content for the following civics:

  • Byzantine Bureaucracy
  • Environmentalist
  • Memorialists
  • Merchant Guilds
  • Mining Guilds
  • Shared Burdens
  • Slaver Guilds
  • Warrior Culture

A focus has been given to alternate options that let you respond in different ways based on your empire’s other civics, your species traits, ruler traits, even traditions and ascension perks. Some situations even have entire alternate outcomes based on these unlocked options.

I aim for this content to seamlessly blend into a regular game in a vanilla+ capacity. To avoid repetition, most of the events in the mod will only be seen once per playthrough.

Does not overwrite any vanilla files. Should be compatible with most mods, although weirdness may arise if civics are altered (e.g., the mod assumes that Warrior Culture empires will have duelists. If another mod removes duelists, some effects may stop making sense.) Unknown interaction with civics/ethics overhaul mods.

The mod does not explicitly require any particular DLC, but you will not be able to access content tied to civics from DLC you do not own.


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.