UI Overhaul Leaders

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Author: Hell

Last revision: 21 May at 04:11 UTC

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A simple UI mod (Achievement / Multiplayer compatible) that improves the visuals on the leaders and council tabs.
If you are using UI Overhaul Dynamic, you will also need the following for compatibility:
UI Overhaul Dynamic + UI Overhaul Leaders

– Leaders on the council are highlighted to make it easier to choose new council members
– Council traits are highlighted to make them easier to see
– Leaders have an improved portrait background showing what profession they are in.
– Leader animations have been cut to save performance on the leader list view.
(Check change notes for more info)
– Trait pick button animations have been cut to save performance as well.

I was getting rather frustrated at the lack of colour on the leaders tab and was struggling with making decisions quickly based on what I could see so I made this mod to highlight the important features and type of leader based on profession.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!

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