Resolutions Expanded

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Authors: sunxyw, Gordon_CMB

Last revision: 7 Jun at 08:31 UTC (25)

File size: 8.19 MB

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Have you ever thought the amount of resolutions in the game is too underwhelming? Never fear, this mod adds around 50 new resolutions, ranging from simple cultural changes to extending your grip over megastructures!

The mod includes 5 new categories with at least 2-3 new subcategories each! Each category focusing on different aspects of the Galactic Community. The mod also additionally adds a couple new events, buildings, policies and even technologies, alongside traits for you gene-tailoring lovers out there!

Additional changes and notes
  • To accomodate for all the new resolutions, all the senate-related timers have been greatly reduced. For example, the recess is only a year-long, and the resolution stays for about 600 days on the floor before being passed
  • If you want to include a translation from your language, please contact Gordon_CMB#4841 on Discord!
  • No DLCs are required, but for a greater experience I highly recommend installing Federations and/or Overlord!
  • The mod should be okay to install mid-save, as I haven’t detected any issues when testing

  • English – How do I put it…
  • Russian – Maintained by Gordon_CMB. Completed 100%
  • Portugese – Not implemented. No translator
  • German – Not implemented. No translator
  • French – Not implemented. No translator
  • Spanish – Not implemented. Maintained by OMG67. WIP
  • Polish – Not implemented. Maintained by Pakucza. WIP
  • Simplified Chinese – Maintained by sunxyw. Completed 100%
  • Korean – Not implemented. No translator
  • Japanese – Not implemented. No translator

Once again, I will be extremely grateful to see if anyone is willing to help out with the translations, I’ll credit you as an author! Your services will be appreciated 😀


This mod has the resolutions in separate files compared to vanilla and as such, should be compatible with other mods that add more resolutions. Please be aware that all of the mods have been tested with Resolutions Expanded on top of the mod load order! Depending on the position of your mods, the results may vary. The current mods were tested:

  • Galactic Community++ – Partially Compatible. Resolutions from both mods work and appear proper, but the Resolutions Expanded resolutions appear without a category
  • Expanded Espionage and Diplomacy – Potential problems. Several reports stating that running this mod and Resolutions Expanded removes certain Custodianship resolutions. It’s unclear why but tread carefully
  • Dawn of the Republic – Potentially fully compatible. Resolutions do not interfere with each other
  • New Galactic System Ever Universe’s version – Fully compatible. Resolutions do not interfere with each other
  • z Expanded Traits, Civics, Pops, and More – Potentially fully compatible. There was an issue with policies but is now currently resolved

Even then you should still be aware of potential issues when playing with several mods, especially the balancing! While Resolutions Expanded runs fine on itself when installing it onto an existing save game, issues might arise when installing new mods. Be vigilant and always back up your saves to avoid such problems!

That is all, enjoy!

If you find any issues or bugs, please do notify me! I’m still a new modder
The mod will be worked upon, and the final two resolution categories are to be added in future updates, stay tuned!
Also, if you have any issues with balancing or suggestions for additional resolutions, also do let me know, I highly appreciate your feedback 🙂