BRT : Balanced Repeatable Techs

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Author: BaBoFantasy

Last revision: 13 Sep, 2023 at 01:57 UTC (2)

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BRT : Balacned Repeatable Techs
BRT is a fix for unbalance in Stellaris repeatable techs.
UPDATE 20230913

Updated for Stellaris 3.9 Caelum.

Problems in Stellaris Repeatable Tech Balance

Stellaris repeatable tech has long been out of balance.
1. The numbers of unlimited repeatable techs and level 5 limited repeatable techs are 4/1 for physics, 7/3 for sociology, and 8/1 for engineering.
2. Engineering repeatable tech is even more difficult to progress than physics repeatable tech, as there are too many engineering techs.
3. Defense-related repeatable techs are one each for shields and armor, and there are no hull repeatable techs. In comparison, offense-related repeatable tech increases firing rate and damage respectively. Therefore, the more you research repeatable tech, the weaker your ship will be, and the battle will be over in the blink of an eye.

Physics Repeatable Techs

Removed energy weapon firing rate repeatable tech.
Added research speed repeatable tech.
Added ship hull repeatable tech.
Fleet command limit repeatable tech moved from Sociology.

Finally, the physics repeatable techs in BRT are:

– Energy output +5%
– Research speed +2%
– Ship shield +5%
– Ship hull +5%
– Energy weapon damamge +5%
– (Lv 5 limited) Building cost -5%
– (Lv 5 limited) Fleet command limit +10

5 unlimited techs, 2 level 5 limited techs.

Sociology Repeatable Techs

Removed Strikecraft firing rate repeatable tech.
Army damage/health repeatable techs merged into one.

Finally, the sociology repeatable techs in BRT are:

– Food output +5%
– Unity output +5%
– Army damage +10%, health +10%
– Leader lifespan +5
– Strikecraft damage +10%
– (Lv 5 limited) Naval capacity +20
– (Lv 5 limited) Starbase capacity +1

5 unlimited techs, 2 level 5 limited techs.

Engineering Repeatable Techs

Removed kinetic/explosive weapon firing rate repeatable techs.
Defense platform damage/hull repeatable techs merged into one.

Finally, the engineering repeatable techs in BRT are:

– Mineral output +5%
– Defense platform damage +10%, hull +10%
– Ship armor +5%
– Kinetic weapon damamge +5%
– Explosive weapon damamge +5%
– (Lv 5 limited) Build speed +10%

5 unlimited techs, 1 level 5 limited tech.

Compatibility Information

Modifies only 3 of the vanilla Stellaris files.
– common/technology/00_phy_tech_repeatable.txt
– common/technology/00_soc_tech_repeatable.txt
– common/technology/00_eng_tech_repeatable.txt

It is highly likely that it will not be compatible with other repeatable tech related mods.
Fully compatible with BSB.
Compatible with ASB, ACE, NSC, ESC NEXT, and ACOT.

Please enjoy and give me good feedbacks!



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