Gender Politics

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Author: Capelett

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Available in English & Chinese / 中文


Gender Politics adds Matriarchies and Patriarchies into the game, in the form of civics and policies. This mod will allow you to play an empire of Amazonian Warrior Women, a Roman-style Patriarchal Republic, or any other sort of gender-based hierarchy. So far, the mod adds:
– 9 Gender-Based Civics
– 7 Types of Gender Segregation for Leaders (Policy)
– 54 Governments*
– 11 AI Personalities
– 2 Traits
– 2 Job Types
*Random empire names are restricted until I can fully update the localisation. Apologies for the inconvenience.


As previously stated, every biological empire will have access to a Gender Policy, with 5 different options which you can choose depending on certain conditions.

Gender Equality: Default Leader Generation.
Patriarchy / Matriarchy: Only men / women can be rulers or serve as military leaders.
Andrarchy / Gynarchy: Completely excludes men / women as leaders.

Additionally, there are 9 Gender-Based Civics, many focused around the Homemaker Job; which produces stability, amenities, and pop growth speed at a high cost of food and consumer goods.


I’ve tried to make the mod as compatible as possible. Generally, it will work fine alongside any mod which doesn’t affect gender-based leader generation or ethics. The mod will also be incompatible with any mod which changes Slavery Types.

Ethics and Civics Classic Compatibility Patch
Ethics & Civics: Bug Branch Compatibility Patch
Ethics and Civics Alternative – Redux Compatibility Patch

I am more than happy for anyone to download and reupload this mod if they wish to edit it for compatibility or language reasons.

Coming Soon

I have almost finished all the features I want to see with this mod. Expect to see these soon:
– More events & flavour
– Additional Casus Bellorum
– Galactic Community resolutions

Thanks to…

Chapter Serf for help with Leader Generation.
睿智的群星玩家 for Chinese localisation.
Howard David Johnson[] for the art.
The Ghost of Monarchies for help with playtesting and writing.
doctornull for help with the civics.
Sleepy for the civic symbols.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

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