Gender Politics

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Author: Capelett

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Available in English & Chinese / 中文

For the lite version, check out Gender Politics LITE.


Gender Politics adds Matriarchies and Patriarchies into the game, in the form of civics and policies. This mod will allow you to play an empire of Amazonian Warrior Women, a Roman-style Patriarchal Republic, or any other sort of gender-based hierarchy. So far, the mod adds:
– 9 Gender-Based Civics
– 7 Types of Gender Segregation for Leaders (Policy)
– 55 Governments
– 11 AI Personalities
– 2 Traits
– 2 Job Types
– 2 Wargoals
– 10 Galactic Community Resolutions


As previously stated, every biological empire will have access to a Gender Policy, with 5 different options which you can choose depending on certain conditions.

Gender Equality: Default Leader Generation.
Patriarchy / Matriarchy: Only men / women can be rulers or serve as military leaders.
Andrarchy / Gynarchy: Completely excludes men / women as leaders.

Additionally, there are 9 Gender-Based Civics, many focused around the Homemaker Job; which produces stability, amenities, and pop growth speed at a high cost of food and consumer goods.


I’ve tried to make the mod as compatible as possible. Generally, it will work fine alongside any mod which doesn’t affect gender-based leader generation or ethics. The mod will also be incompatible with any mod which changes Slavery Types.

Ethics and Civics Classic Compatibility Patch
Ethics & Civics: Bug Branch Compatibility Patch
Ethics and Civics Alternative – Redux Compatibility Patch

I am happy for anyone to download, reupload, or take from this mod without credit.

Thanks to…

Chapter Serf for help with Leader Generation.
睿智的群星玩家 for Chinese localisation.
The Ghost of Monarchies for help with playtesting and writing.
doctornull for help with the civics.
Sleepy for the civic symbols.
Stability AI[] (Stable Diffusion) for the image[]

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Utopia

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