Dawn Of Ascension

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Author: Daniellm

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We’re at the dawn of ascension, the peak of civilization itself. We have learned much from those that came before us, now it is our time to rule

Dawn Of Ascension

Dawn of ascension is a new mod that brings fourth ascension into the technological levels of the fallen empires.
Feautering a new ascension perk, dark matter power events, new civics and a fallen empire shipset with compatibility for everything from corvettes to the juggernaut.

Dawn of ascension is made from the ground up to be compatible with other mods, it should overwrite 0 vanilla files and does NOT change the country type when you ascend

  • Become an ascended empire
  • New fallen empire shipset that varies depending on your flag colours
  • Fallen empire buildings (in limited capacity)
  • National focus civics for ascended empires
  • Ambition civics for ascended empires
  • New precursor hulls buffing your ships to the next level
  • Built in compatibility with ethics and civics: bug branch!

Credit where credit is due

To do list

  • dark matter weaponry submod
  • new wargoals
  • become a fallen empire
  • civic balance
  • and more!

Again, thank you so much for the ones i credited, and hope you all have fun with Dawn of Ascension

Feedback and bug reports are welcome

Civic list

  • (ecocentrist) Protectors of nature +20% habitability +20% happiness
  • (ecocentrist) architects of gaia terraform speed +100% -25% terraform cost
  • (Egalitarian) Society of opportunities +25% specialist production
  • (Egalitarian) Immigration haven +30% pop growth from immigration +10% happiness
  • (militarist) Galactic super power +25% fire rate +25% damage
  • (militarist) Inspiring warlords -30% war exhaustion +25% army damage
  • (xenophobe) Utopian pleasure) +30% pop growth
  • (xenophove) Master race +20% slave production -100% cat slave political power
  • (Competetive) capitalistic foundation +200% trade value -20% market fee
  • (competetive) spymasters +15 decryption +10 encryption
  • (Elitist) Enchanced leaders +10 level cap
  • (Elitist) Elitist society +30% ruler production
  • (materialist) Technological mastery +25% research speed +100% diplo weight from tech
  • (materialist) Fanatic roboteers +20% robot assembly speed +15% jobob production
  • (Anthropocentric) deep core mining: +2 mineral output per miner +4 mining districts
  • (Anthropocentric) industrial juggernaut +15% alloy production +15% consumer goods
  • (authoritarian) overlords: +20% slave production -100% cat slave political power
  • (authoritarian) covert state +20 encryption +5 stability
  • (pacifist) isolationist ideals +25% happiness +25 defensive platforms
  • (pacifist) defenders of eden +40% home fire rate +100% defensive war build speed
  • (xenophile) utopian society +100% immigration pull -25% empire size from pops
  • (xenophile) peaceful haven +15 diplomatic weight from pops +25 stability
  • (cooperative) galactic diplomats +50% diplo weight +2 envoys
  • (cooperative) diplomatic unions +50 trust gap +2 envoys
  • (pluralist) utopian union -25% crime +20 stability
  • (pluralist) beacon of prosperity +200% diplo weight from ecenomy +100% trade value
  • (spiritualist) Chosen of the shroud: +25% happiness +25% unity +10% growth speed
  • (spiritualist) Scripture scholars +4 research(all kinds) from priest
  • (hivemind) ascended overmind: -50% war exhaustion
  • (hivemind) all seeing eye +25% fire rate +25% hull
  • (machine) ascended core -50% war exhaustion
  • (machine) all seeing machine +25% ship damage +25% armour

do note that these are the FANATIC civics. the non-fanatic civics are around half the values listed here