More Ground Combat Width (3.4.x)

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Author: totoyman

Last revision: 3 Jun at 03:05 UTC

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Are you:
  • Annoyed at the laughably tiny scale of ground combat?
  • Frustrated that planets capable of housing hundreds of billions can only allow deployment of 10 units on each side of an invasion?
  • Wishing for the capability to swarm planetary defenses when you have overwhelming numbers without an imaginary restriction to hold you back?

This mod increases the combat width of invasions by x5. Simple as.

For a technical explanation, here is the formula the game uses to calculate the width for a planet during ground combat:

base width + (0.2)(planet size)

Where the default base width is 5, so for a 25-size planet the maximum width you can get in vanilla is 10 (5 base + 20% of 25 = 10).

This mod changes the base width from 5 to 25, and increases the planet size scaling from 0.2 to 1.0, making 25-size planets have a combat width of 50. With a base width of 25, this also means that even the tiniest of planets can still have large battles that you would expect from a SciFi setting.

Feel free to tweak the values in the mod to your liking. This is a very simple mod and I documented the changes I made as best I can in the files.

Is this balanced?

Most likely not. 😎


Not compatible with mods that edit the following variables in the defines

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