Music of the Galactic Civil War

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Author: Bosmeri

Last revision: 23 Feb at 15:02 UTC

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Music of the Galactic Civil War

A collection of music from the Galactic Civil War era, covering Canon and Legends material!

This mod is a collection of tracks from a variety of sources from the earliest days of the Galactic Civil War through the Battle of Endor. This mod will be updated periodically with music from canon sources as they become available.

However, this mod does not include any tracks from any of the prequel or original trilogies and instead focuses on music from various games and animated series set during this era. If you want to have music from the original and prequel trilogies, please check out cmo3056’s "Better Star Wars Music."


Currently includes tracks from:


  • The Force Unleashed
  • The Force Unleashed II
  • Empire at War
  • Forces of Corruption


  • The Bad Batch
  • Rebels
  • Jedi: Fallen Order


This collection of music will not conflict with any mods. At worst you will have duplicates show up on the music player if you are using another mod with the same/similar tracks.

Thanks to SolarRider for allowing me to use some tracks from his "More Star Wars Music" mod. However, the biggest credits must be given to Kevin Kiner, Frank Klepacki, Gordy Haab and Stephen Barton, and Mark Griskey for their work on Jedi: Fallen Order, Empire at War and Forces of Corruption, Star Wars: Rebels and the Bad Batch, and The Force Unleashed.