Human Portraits: Unified

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Author: corsairmarks

Last revision: 12 Jun, 2022 at 06:53 UTC

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You didn’t ask for it and you probably hate it already! I’ve combined the new and old human portraits into two unified portrait sets. What’s the difference you ask? The human portrait group (which appears first in species selection) puts each new portrait before the matching legacy portrait, while the human_legacy portrait group (appears second in appearance selection) puts each legacy portrait before the matching new portrait.


Updates both the new and legacy human portrait selectors so that both groups use all the human portraits.

This mod overwrites two files from the Stellaris game:

  • gfxportraitsportraits7_portraits_human.txt – alters the human portrait groups to use all human portraits in both groups (this one is most important)
  • gfxmodelsportraitshumannew_human_new_human_portrait_entities.asset – reduces the scale on the new human portraits to make their size closer to the legacy portraits (from 0.81 to 0.78)

If anyone who understands working with Stellaris meshes reads this – I think the "issue" is that the legacy human mesh has its content closer to the origin, thus making the legacy humans appear shorter. The actual texture files are the same dimensions and (whn viewed with a graphics editor) approximately the same height at the shoulder. If anyone would like to help me adjust the legacy human meshes, I would appreciate it. I would like to give them similar "height" to the new portraits, which should be possible because the bottom of their graphics are already cut off in the game display.


Built for Stellaris 3.4 "Cepheus." Yes, this is achievement compatible and can be added or removed from your game at any time.

Will not work with other portrait mods that also edit the 07_portraits_human.txt file, but should work with mods that add clothing or hair to the legacy human portraits.


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