Cybernetic Ascendancy

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Author: Larx

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Update 19.06.22: fixed a mistake, the Perk was not visible before Flesh is weak had been taken

Cybernetic Ascendancy

Tired of turning your cyborgs into boring robots? Do you need more cyberstuff in your Stellaris playthrough?
Then this mod is for you, its designed to make you drench in cybernetic flavour.

It adds a lot of stuff inspired by Cyperpunk, Neuromancer, Mechanicus, Tron and other sources.
Some of the new technologies are linked to Flesh is Weak perk but the more juicy stuff are linked to a new ascension perk, Cybernetic Ascendancy.

Below is a list that shows the content:

Techs opened with Flesh is Weak

– Cybernetic Legion: cyber assault army
– Leader enhancement programme: unlocks new traits for your leaders
– Cybernetic modifications: new species traits
– Cyberware Distribution Center: planet unique building
– Netrunner Hacking Teams: increases codebreaking

Cybernetic Ascendancy

– Creates the 2nd Reality, a digital world your cyborgs can jack into
– Gives your species 2 modding points
– Research on Advanced Cybernetic modifications, more advanced traits

Techs opened with Cybernetic Ascendancy

– Cyborg warform construction: big and mean cyborg assault army
– Cybernetic Manufactorum: automatic cybernetic factory

There are also some events that will help to get that Cybernetic feeling.

Please let me know if you find any bugs or any other issues.

This file is 100% compatible with other mods