Secrets of the Shroud

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Author: Faded

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Ancient Cache of Technologies: Secrets of The Shroud is an unofficial submod that adds a new tier of technology to the game. It’s at around the same level as Static Light

It revolves around a quest to summon a Shroud Master for your empire. A feat that will grant unlimited power, and endless possibilities. But it won’t be easy! To get started, you’ll need the Phanon Reactor. Then, you will have to scour the galaxy to answer clues and mysteries, requiring the brightest minds and the most determined rulers! However: we must be careful! One misstep, and we could spell doom to our empire or the galaxy!

A mod that increases leader level cap is required. To research the event technologies, a scientist needs to be at least level 12. Additionally, the digsites will also be hard to do without high level scientists. I have ACOT defines listed as a requirement, but anything that raises level cap will do.

Compatibility for AOT is included. However, this mod must be loaded after for things to work properly.

Finally, this is NOT save game compatible.


You’re going to need an exceptional scientist if you want to research the technologies. Look into getting an Archon from the curators. Otherwise, a Chosen One will do.

You should build as many Void Spheres as possible to support the ludicrous cost of these components. If you’re struggling with resource storage, you should build anchorages on sigma or runic starbases.

Keep an eye out for two systems: Celeste and The Golden Archives. They’re needed for the mod’s event chain so getting them should be a priority.

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