Extra Districts

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Author: FebHare

Last revision: 12 Jun at 02:49 UTC

File size: 13.48 MB

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Note: This mod is still be beta, so might have some issues and expect some unexplained feature.

This mod add a few districts, like "District Overhaul". Actually, more-than-a-few ideas are bollowed from "District Overhaul Test Branche"

See "Features list" about its features.

Future Plans:
– More basic resource districts (If I can give good distinctiveness for them).
– Facility districts for ethic attractiveness (For example, Mission districts that provide missionary job that add Spiritualist attractiveness). Unfortunately, there are Paradox issues about job’s "pop_ethic_X_attraction_mult" and "ethos" trigger, so I wish they will be fixed in Stellaris 3.4.

List of overwritten files and items:
– Some colony designations (col_city, col_mining, col_generator, col_hive, col_nexus, col_industrial, col_foundry, col_factory, col_research, col_habitat_industrial, col_habitat_foundry and col_habitat_factory).
– Some scripted trigger (SCO_slave_without_invalid_district, from "Special Colonies Overhaul")
– Many files in common/colony_automation.
– district mandates in common/mandates0_mandates.txt.

Compatible mods list:
– "Planetary Diversity" and its submods
– "More Standard Districts"
– "Special Colonies Overhaul"

Note; I am lukewarm about compatibility with other mods that I am not familiar. If you create compatch on this mod and that mod. it is more than welcomed.

Required items:

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