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Author: Icen

Last revision: 3 Jul, 2022 at 17:52 UTC (1)

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This mod aims to downscale the ships in-game to what I personally think is the proper scaling differences between the ship classes. It Affects all vanilla and DLC shipsets along with non-playable entities.

The other purpose of this mod is to ease me back in to Stellaris modding and help me build a foundation for my very own mod list with mods that I personally will be using.

– Downscaled Ships for Vanilla and DLC Shipsets
– Downscaled Non-playable Ships

Ironman Compatible

Future Plans:
– Further adjustments to scaling
– Integration to my other personal mods for my own mod list

Q: This seems like just downscaled ships mod!
A: Well you are correct. The difference is I did some organizing with the .asset files and used my own personal preferences for scaling.

Q: Will you rescale XYZ?
A: You can do it yourself. I have put variables on top of each .asset file so you can easily switch values for things. As for the Starbases, Titans, Juggernauts, and Colossus. I currently like the scale of these things but I might revisit it on the future.

Q: NSC? Realistic Ships? Shipset support? Some Obscure Ship mod support?
A: Currently, I only plan to support my own ship sets and ship class mods.

Q: What other mods do you plan to do?
A: Please refer to my Galactic Resonance Collection for any planned mods and current progress.

– Fredric Harbin (aka pho-ku) for the Logo font
– Stellaris Modding Den for the inspirations and place to get help and opinions
– Paradox Interactive for the game itself
– GIMP Development team for GIMP



Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.