The Zro Must Flow

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Author: Tnynfox

Last revision: 11 Mar at 16:38 UTC

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2-23-2022: Campaign Edicts now cost Zro as upkeep where realistic.

This Dune-inspired mod uses Zro as a truly strategic resource that can make or break your empire. Powerful new ruler jobs and campaign edicts require Zro, and a new ultra-rare deposit can give it to you.

Ruler trait Kwisatz Haderach enables Utopian living standards regardless of Ethic.

Borrows heavily from Frank Herbert’s Dune series; fight over rare Zro, impose your eugenics policy, make your Leaders the Kwisatz Haderach, and even build a massive Imperial Keep for major empire bonuses.

Warning: especially the Kwisatz Haderach can get quite OP. If so, try with balance expansion:

11-23-2021: New Mentat content

11-9-2021: Leader Enhancement policy now reflects your Eugenics policy; those using Friendly Eugenics or Partial Cloning can use Selected Lineage and Capacity Boosters, yes, even Fanatic Egalitarians can do this, but cannot use Natural Selection.

11-6-2021 edit to policy "Friendly Eugenics": Replaced -5% pop growth debuff with +5% pop sprawl. I decided today that said previous offset was 1) Generally bad in a gameplay view, 2) Possibly un-nice in this eugenics context.

Estimated Rating: PEGI 7
Even those who don’t get all the Dune references should enjoy the gameplay.
Apology for “Omnius Syncworlds” Civic; yes I know, but beyond that stupid context I found the concept cool enough to make the cut.
Humor: Actual eugenicists may or may not take offense at an insult claiming that eugenicists are themselves genetically impure, hence the need to so govern themselves.
I took faithful liberties with Frank Herbert’s setting in the name of balance play.

This mod deliberately favors empires with access to large amounts of Zro, per Frank Herbert’s key theme about strategic resources. Please explore all methods to secure Zro in this mod.
Certain planet-unique buildings offer powerful empire modifiers. If playing tall, build habitats or use mods to Terraform and colonize more planets.

Overwrites 01_living_standards, 02_other_categories, and Leader Enhancement policy only.