Quantum Gateway

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Author: Frag Jacker

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This mod is not Iron Man compatible!


If you bought Overlord and was pumped for the Fleet Yeeter Quantum Catapult you sure had it it expected to be more awesome. Instead we got a pathetic Megastructure that doesn’t even have galactic wide range and blasts your fleets across half the galaxy.

If you felt disappointed by this underwhelming performance, then this Mod is for you! It turns the Quantum Catapult into the Yeet Machine we deserve. Now you can actually move your fleets around much more reliably and can even establish beachheads into foreign territory to strike with overwhelming firepower and even retreat back to safety! But beware your enemies may follow you back to your safe harbour…

  • Increased the maximum range of the Quantum Catapult drastically so that it actually has galaxy wide range.
  • Reduced the scatter radius by 75%.
  • The first fleet to enter the destination spawns a Quantum Gateway, which is essentially a wormhole, that connects back to your Quantum Catapult for a large energy drain.
  • The established Quantum Gateway can be shut down at will, requiring 60 days to perform the shut down.


Any mod out there, really. Unless it overwrites the Quantum Catapult as well.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Overlord