Upgraded Refineries

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Author: LostCreatoR

Last revision: 19 May at 13:20 UTC

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Mod adds upgrade to tier 2 for refinery buildings.
Tier 2 buildings add +1 jobs.

First, you will be able to learn tier 1 technology for resource extraction.
(Gas Extraction Wells, Mote Harvesting Traps and Crystal Mines).

After it, access to tier 2 technology for the production of resources will open.
(Exotic Gas Refineries, Chemical Plants and Crystal Plants).

The latest tier 3 technology allows you to upgrade production buildings.
(Large Exotic Gas Refineries, Large Chemical Plants and Large Crystal Plants).


Chinese (by words).

New buildings produce 2 times more resources, but also require 2 times more minerals.
Tier 2 buildings only save slots on the planet. So the balance hasn’t changed much.
AI can learn new technologies and use new buildings.