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Author: Icen

Last revision: 3 Jul at 17:53 UTC (1)

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This mod gives the DLC Lithoid Shipset megastructures a new coat of paint. Making their megastructures more look like Crystalline structures made of crystals and rock instead of just super polished rocks.

– Redesigned Meshes for every single DLC and Vanilla Lithoid Megastructures

Ironman Compatible

Compatibility Patches:

Future Plans:
– Further support for future Vanilla/DLC Megastructures
– More polishing for some models

Known Issue:
– Minor flickering as those issues are from the lithoid models I used. I will try clean this up over time as I see them

Q: Can I use assets from this mod?
A: As long as you credit my name on your mod then sure fell free to use it to your hearts desire!

Q: Will you redesign XYZ?
A: Unfortunately these are mostly fitting to my own taste of what I think should be a Lithoid Megastructure. Suggestions are welcome but I don’t guarantee any redesigns.

Q: Real Space? Gigastructures? Some other megastructure or planet/star mod?
A: Currently, I only plan to support my own scale mod and vanilla/DLC Megastructures.

Q: What other mods do you plan to do?
A: Please refer to my Galactic Resonance Collection for any planned mods and current progress.

– Goma Shin for the Logo font
– Stellaris Modding Den for the inspirations and place to get help and opinions
– Paradox Interactive for the game itself
– GIMP Development team for GIMP
– Blender Foundation for Blender


Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack

Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.