New Government Mod 2

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Authors: Root, shoruru314159, ウッディ中佐

Last revision: 22 May at 11:17 UTC

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The English translation of this mod is half-assed.
I would be happy if someone could help me with the English translation.

Currently under development
Currently, we do not yet have images of the national motto or any other information. We will add them as soon as they are completed.
Please comment if you can provide images.That would be very helpful.

This mod will add a number of political and national characteristics to the New Government Mod.

Because it adds orientation, it may conflict with other mods. If you only want to use the effects

New Government Mod [En]
or New Government Mod [JP].

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3.4. Patchに対応

Previous version from below


私の作ったMods ||| Mods I’ve made

New Government Mod 2

UI Overhaul Dynamic for NGM2

Additional Districts And Buildings

New Government Mod

Magical Discoveries(開発中 Under development)



Mod Description

Add origins, ethics, civics, toraits, policies, decisions, strategic resources, etc.


Add 3 origins, 8 origins and a large number (165!) of civics to fit them or to fit existing orientations.

Also, add a number of traits (over 100!) for extending the elements of the tribe. to expand the elements of the tribe.

In addition, the number of ethics, civics and traits that can be acquired will be greatly increased, giving you more options in the creation of your nation!

Many new decisions that add various elements and functions to the planet!

Feel free to report bugs, make suggestions, or request improvements!