!!ACG + Forerunner – A Traditions Overhaul Comp

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Authors: Lotussy, Ajey

Last revision: 21 May at 11:49 UTC

File size: 311.3 KB

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Compatible with 3.4.*
NOT Save game compatible
NOT Achievement compatible

About this mod

This is the compatibility patch for Forerunner – A Traditions Overhaul and Aesthetic Cinematic Gameplay.


If you want to use "ACG" and "Forerunner – A Traditions Overhaul" together, you will have to subscribe and activate all three mods with the following loading order:

1. Forerunner – A Traditions Overhaul
2. Aesthetic Cinematic Gameplay (=ACG)
3. !!ACG + Forerunner CompatibiltyPatch

Attention: Some files, code, values and tech modifiers of Forerunner have been adjusted/reworked to fit into ACG Balance and Gameplay

If you find any bugs please let me know at the comment section.
If you have any balancing requests, let me know too.


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