Techtree Ingame Technology Tree [Multi-Language]

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3.4.* "Cepheus" Compatible, Techtree "Herbert"

Built-In Interactive Technology Tree.

Turanor is supported on Github, Homka122 and KOCMOHABT are adapted for other languages.

The language is changed via the corresponding button in the tree.

Ironman Compatible
Compatible with Achievements

This technology tree displays only the Vanilla tree, and does not change in any way when mods are added.
Now "Automatic Research" should work properly again!

Supported Languages
  • English
  • Russian
  • German
  • French
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Simple Chinese
  • Spanish

Would you like to help with the translation?

Then to you on my github, I would appreciate it if you could help fix the inaccuracy in the translation.

UI Overhaul is now compatible with Techtree!

Supported together with UI Overhaul!
Important Techtree in the list of mods should be placed after UI Overhaul Dynamic.
But if for some reason something goes wrong, then let me know about it.
Oh, yes, comrade, if something went wrong, then here is an alternative version of this mod.


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