Mercenary Megacorps

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Author: Juhius

Last revision: 13 May at 16:43 UTC

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Adds two new MegaCorp civics which turn your militarist corporation into a proper mercenary company, a fantasy which was unfulfilled by the vanilla game.

Defence Contractor

Every Defensive Pact or Independence Guarantee grants +5% Trade Value, Militarist ethics attraction and -5% ship and army upkeep. This can stack up to 5 times +/-25%

In the case this empire is in a federation it’s counted by the amount of federation allies

(Modifier is applied at the beginning of the year or when entering a war)

Mercenary Company

Every war you are NOT the main participant in grants +10% Trade Value, Militarist ethics attraction, -10% ship and army upkeep. This can stack up to 5 times +/-50%

Feedback, suggestions and bug reports are appreciated! This is a small part of the civics mod I’m working on with main goal of making more dynamic and diplomatic civics instead of just flat bonuses. The release of the new dlc and update is the perfect timing for this little showcase. Besides, I think this is a cool standalone mod.

-Russian translation by GASANOV

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