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Author: Icen

Last revision: 21 May at 16:54 UTC (1)

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This mod aims to upscale the stars, planets, and all celestial bodies in the vanilla game along with the DLCs. This also in turn enlarges travel time required by ships and reduces the engagement ranges for ship battles.

This only supports vanilla and DLC Asteroids, Planets, Stars and Megastructures.

– Upscaled Star and Planets
– Upscaled Megastructures
– Upscaled Nebula
– Slower Travel Time
– Smaller Fleet Engagement Range (So ships won’t fight across the star system)

Compatibility Patches:
Planetary Diversity

Future Plans:
– Further adjustments to scaling
– Integration to my other personal mods for my own mod list
– Integration to my other mods in my own mod list

Known Issue:
– Fleets will clip into the star when flying "over" it. This cannot be fixed without breaking other visuals in game. This is a modding limitation because of how Stellaris works.
– Issue Resolved by editing mesh files. Quantum Catapult selection radius can be obnoxiously big. Making selecting planets, starbases, and fleets on its system really hard. This can be fixed by removing the effects of the megastructure but I will keep it for now till I find a more elegant solution.
– Colossus won’t be perfectly centered above planets its cracking. It will be slightly offset. This is a vanilla game issue that is only visible now due to the significantly different scales we are now working with.

Q: Whats the difference between this and your other scale mod?
A: The difference is this is a more stripped down version of my other scale mod. This only focuses on vanilla and DLC content. Besides that, it also changes ship behavior and the travel time for ships.

Q: Will you rescale XYZ?
A: You can do it yourself. I have put variables on top of each .asset file so you can easily switch values for things. Megastructures changed are Ringworlds, Dyson Spheres and Matter Decompressors. You can change the values for those on their own .asset file.

Q: Real Space? Gigastructures? Some other megastructure or planet/star mod?
A: Currently, I only plan to support my own ship sets and ship class mods.

Q: What other mods do you plan to do?
A: Currently I have a plan to make lithoid megastructure more visually unique and also maybe do a swarm based shipset with support for all my current mods.

– Fredric Harbin (aka pho-ku) for the Logo font
– Stellaris Modding Den for the inspirations and place to get help and opinions
– Paradox Interactive for the game itself


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