Guilli’s Exploration And Expansion Tweaks

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Author: Guilliman

Last revision: 5 May at 04:47 UTC

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Guilli’s Exploration and Expansion Tweaks

For version 3.3+ of the game.

Highly recomended in combination with my Guilli’s Planet Modifier and Features mod!
Compatible with my Guilli’s Technologies Guilli’s Technologies mod!

This is a small mod to add a little flavour to start experience. It helps give you a feel of progression when exploring next to just surveying and expanding.

  • FTL speed has been lowered by a lot
  • Ship ftl engines now provide an FTL speed boosts, high for more advanced engines
  • Several techs added to speed up FTL from early to late game
  • Surveying speed and construction ship base build speed has been cut in half
  • Some survey speed techs were added too
  • Base planet hyperlane view distanced reduced by 1 jump
Hope you enjoy, if not let me know! Thank You