Stellaris Fresh Start

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Author: Male Maldives

Last revision: 10 Apr at 01:22 UTC

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A fresh take on Stellaris. Start 20 years ahead in 2180. Your nation has just formalized its union and you stand on the precipice of change. Who will you become? Limited starting creation options, but more emerge as you play.

There may be bugs or unbalances. Feedback Welcomed!

If you are just interested in the civics and/or traditions check out Fresh Start Civics and Fresh Start Traditions.

  • Rebranded Ethics
  • 40 Civics
  • 32 Tradition Trees
  • Many tweaks to the game. Have fun exploring!


There are a couple of required mods for this to work. See right hand side. Alphabetical order will work.

I have compiled a few of my other mods into this one so best not to use them.


Ethics, civics, traditions, and economy have all been overhauled. Planets, ships, techs, perks and event mods should be fine.

Added support for Planetary Diversity. It was a lot of planets to edit so no guarantees it is perfect. Questionable on long term support.

  • jasonpepe for Universal Modifier Patch
  • Orrie for UI Overhaul Dynamic
  • The fantastic artists who created the wonderful tradition backgrounds.

  • Bug Fixes
  • Balance Civics and Traditions
  • More economy depth
  • Incorporate some of the basic origins.
  • Better AI, many of my sort of crazy changes probably need to be scaled back.
  • Compile compatible mods that I like
  • I kinda want to alter techs as well, but don’t have any interesting ideas at the moment, so best not force it.
Required items:

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!!Universal Modifier Patch (3.3.*)Steam Workshop
UI Overhaul DynamicSteam Workshop