Lots of Traditions – 8 Tradition Slots

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Author: Thane-Stus

Last revision: 15 May at 10:35 UTC (1)

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Compatible with 3.4

This mod adds more Tradition and Ascension Perk slots. it also adds a repeatable tech available after Ascension Theory that allows you to unlock all the Ascension Perk slots.

Compatible Tradition Mods

This mod does not require any other mods to work, however I highly recommend getting atleast one of the compatible Tradition Mods
Expanded Stellaris Traditions
Plentiful Traditions
Simple Traditions

Ascension Perk Mods

These are also not needed but you will need them to actually have enough Ascension Perks to fill all the slots
Expanded Stellaris Ascension Perks
Plentiful Traditions – Extra Perks
Reworked Advanced Ascension


Lots of Traditions + UI Overhaul Dynamic

Load Order

Ignore any mods here that you dont have
Any Tradition Mods
Any Ascension Perk Mods
UI Overhaul Dynamic
Any Lots of Tradition mod
Lots of Traditions + UI Overhaul Dynamic

Other Versions of Lots of Traditions

Do not use multiple versions of LoT at the same time, this will cause issues!
8 Tradition Slots
12 Tradition Slots
16 Tradition Slots
24 Tradition Slots
48 Tradition Slots
64 Tradition Slots
80 Tradition Slots

Incompatible Mods

These mods all cause something to break, dont use them.
Stellaris Evolved
Your Settings
More Ascension Perk Slots
UI Overhaul Dynamic – More Tradition Categories, use this.

Known Issues

Scrollbar looks funny, I dont care, do not complain about this.
Report any issues you find in the comments


SI-Abominus for keeping Plentiful Traditions updated
Girion for Expanded Stellaris Traditions
~~mR.K for Plentiful Traditions Extra Slots
OxTQL for 126 Ascension Perks fo EST
Orrie for UI Overhaul Dynamic and because Ive borrowed his code several times

My Other Mods & My Discord Server[discordapp.com]


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