Original Origins, Traits, and Civics

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Author: RegiZero

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Provides some extra unique traits, origins and civics to Stellaris gameplay that are available at empire creation. They are meant to influence your gameplay a bit more than the average vanilla feature but also balanced (but can be adjusted through comments/discussions).


  • Absolute Zero – Your solar system starts with a Null star and a capital modifier that grants a 25% physics, society, engineering and -30% food upkeep. Your empire has received a mysterious cache which proves to make this a challenging origin.
  • Ancient Seekers – The empire stumbles upon the discovery of a long-lost civilisation on their home planet, where signs of their existence are present in their current location of the galaxy. There is a 25% chance to find a piece of the 3 pieces that are shattered across the galaxy using a planet decision on new colonies. When 3 pieces are collected, they can be used to access an archaeological site for science or what they truly sought out. However, these constant search and exploration expeditions do come at a cost: all research -25% until the end.

Civics: ~plus one civic slot is added~

  • Contained – Building mining, research and observation stations will automatically reinforce the system with at least 4 military stations and increasing with the amount of resource stations present. However, if there are more than 5 resource stations present, the system will be deemed a valuable asset and reinforced with 10 military stations. They are designable, upgradable (manually and automatically every year) and will also be deployed after capturing an enemy system. Also gives access to special technology that upgrades the military station’s class.
  • Hallucinations – You start with Psionic Theory and admirals that have the psionic trait give their commanding military ships a 50% chance to summon hallucinations after being destroyed, that do no damage. These hallucinations if not destroyed, disappear after 30 days.
  • Cataclysmic – In an effort to exploit their planets of resources, a special building can be built that extracts resources from deep within the planet giving: 1 translucer job, 1 Chemist job, 1 Gas Refiner job and a +50% alloys from pop jobs. This does however come at a cost giving the planet a Disturbed Core which can reach destructive levels. The building can also be converted in order to save the planet’s core draining resources instead and giving a Core Mender job that produces Unity.
  • Luminaries – Minor artefacts found throughout the galaxy can be used to improve unique rulers and leaders by granting them a trait that can be enhanced at doubling costs. The lucky few may find the secrets of immortality in these artefacts and ascend beyond the mortal mind.
  • Libation – The being thirsts for payment every 10 years granting different effects for the duration of 10 years where refusal is possible. The strength of these effects depends on a special policy that dictates the number of pops sacrificed; 1 for 10%, 5 for 25% and 10 for 50%.
  • Acumen – Every time a barren planet is surveyed, there is a 5% chance for your empire to preserve its terraforming compatibility, giving a terraforming candidate modifier and listing the planet in the situation log.
  • Ancient Power – This mysterious ancient power can be split among many forces, but its limit is reached every 10% of the used naval capacity, reducing its energy also by 10%. The maximum power can be maintained at under 10% the total naval capacity, granting: Ship Weapons Damage: +50% Ship Fire Rate: +50% Sublight Speed: +50% Daily Shield Regen: +5%.
  • Planetary Shift – A planetary phenomenon can be triggered through a planet decision to make the planet size increase or decrease with prepare time of a year. The max of 40 and min of 1 planet size can be achieved where 20 is a neutral point. A planet modifier scales every 5 planet size increasing or decreasing: Planet Stability: +5 Resources from pops jobs: +20%.
  • Space Destined – Start the game with a guaranteed chain of starbase class technologies after the first found and a policy that unlocks with each starbase class technologies. Each of the options enable an automatic upgrade of a recently built outpost to a chosen starbase class at no extra cost. Once a number of total starbases is reached, special technologies will also unveil.
  • Profusion Warfare – Military production is increased every 100 total naval capacity giving (upto 25%): Ship Build Cost: -5% Ship Build Speed: +5% Ship Upkeep: -5% Army Cost: -5% Army Build Time: +5% Army Upkeep: -5% Ship Weapons Damage: -5% Assult Army Damage: -5%.


  • Bureaucratic: Administrators produces +10%
  • Cheerful: Pop happiness +5%
  • Diligent: Resources from pops +5%
  • Practical: Alloys from pop jobs +15%
  • Methodical: Pop upkeep: -10%
  • Chaotic: Administrators produces -10%
  • Miserable: Pop happiness -5%
  • Indolent: Resources from pops -5%
  • Ineffective: Alloys from pop jobs -15%
  • Inefficient: Pop upkeep: +10%

– Fully compatible with other mods.
– Should be save compatible.

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