Lovecraft Mod – No DLC Required

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Author: Trojanwarrior2332

Last revision: 12 Mar at 16:45 UTC (1)

File size: 117.62 MB

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This is an updated version of an old mod called Star-Spawn of Cthulhu. It’s lovecraft themed and my first coding project, so please report any bugs.

Features –

-New workers
-Army – Shoggoth warriors
-Diplomatic phrases
-Name list
-Explore the Colors out of Space! Interdimensional hungry horrors
-Government type – Old One’s Cult
– 3 new civics
– several unknowable and scary species pictures
– personalities for AI (you probably won’t notice this, but I figured I might mention it)
– A planet class – the Infernal Star
– A new policy regarding the Colors out of space
– A new ship set (No DLC ships yet – I’m tired enough as is updating the models from the original mod.)
– More randomly generated starting systems
– Event chains and special projects
– New star class – Void!
– 5 techs
– A new blocker
– 13 new traits
– A madness mechanic: space is scary and uncomprehensible, not everyone can withstand that. Is a negative trait that can pop up on leaders.
– New story events
– Multiple prescripted countries
– 4 new origins
Notes from the (new) author –
– This is a mod built off of an older mod by a modder named Jecrell. He wrote a lot of the original code, and made the original designs for the ships.
– Please report any bugs with the ship modelling and movement. I’m relatively new to both coding and animation, and so I am prone to mistakes. Same goes for any other funcitonality with the mod.
– This version does not require DLC, however I am working on another version which will as there is more content like some custom hive minds to be added.
– This mod will get regular updates to move with the updating game and to fix bugs.
– A thanks to Kumquat, who remade a bunch of the portraits for traits and civics.



Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.