DarkSpace (3.8)

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Author: Exakan

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What does DarkSpace do?

– It is a Vanilla+ mod, not an overhaul. DS will not change basic game mechanics
– Compatible with 99% of all other mods.
– Player has full control over the content, game will only change if you pick an option.

Unique Playstyles
  • Nomads
    DS adds one of the most advanced Nomad-origins of Stellaris. They have simulated pops, traditions, policies, different playstyles, perks, ships, components, technologies & crisis path – and more.
  • Xenomorphs
    Play like a virus-empire & infect enemy pops, or cause xeno outbreaks with your gene-mutations. Turn conquered pops into monsters!
  • Nanite Empire
    Roleplay the GrayTempest or just infect the entire galaxy with your nanite swarms or ships.
  • Become a Fallen Empire
    Any player empire can become an FE via a new perk with new techs, ships, mechanics & more. You will also be able to spawn new empires and play as their god/creator.
  • Zroni
    Play as the precursor Zroni and use the power of the Shroud!
17 Origins

Begin your own story with unique new origins. From starting in a different cluster to large structures and more – many have even their own story.

12 Civics

There are offensive & defensive civics for every kind of player / empire type.

Society Ascension Perks

DS adds new perks that unlock new abilities for your empire. Example: Assimilation of other pops, programming of artificial worlds, summon creatures as spiritualist-empire & more.

Megastructure Ascension Perks

New megastructures got added that will help your economy and/or military. Certain empires added by this mod will have even more choices available.

Crisis Ascension Perks (also for Nemesis DLC)

DS has 4 new crisis perks for the new empires. There is also a new evil-looking design for the "Aetherophasic Engine" & "Menace Battleships".


Build giant weapons of mass destruction that can destroy entire systems with a single blow. No system in the galaxy will be safe from your new megastructure weapon like the Halo or DarkmatterRipper!

Stellar Engine: A movable Gigastructure

DS adds the Gigastructure "Stellar Engine". It is able to teleport across the galaxy while carrying pops, shipyards & creating an FTL-network for your fleets (or allies).

Other content
  • Galactic Core & Lore Systems
    Explore the galactic core and its new mysterious systems & lore.
    You will find new rare systems in your galaxy.
  • 6 Shipsets
    From Vanilla: Unbidden, Vehement, Aberrant, FallenEmpire; Organic (Prethoryn)
    Custom: Spectralic
  • New ascension perks
    Unlock new Perks that will give you unique rewards or mechanics to play with.

DS content is optional but if you still want to deactivate something (example for multiplayer), you can do this with a menu that appears each time you start a new game.

Mod Compatibility

Gigastructures, ACOT, NSC? – Yes
Other mods? – Yes too, to 99%.
Please consider that DS’s balance is aimed to be closer to the base game.

Credits & Important Notes

Special thanks to:
– the creators of "Elves of Stellaris", for letting me use one of their meshes (used in the Spectralic shipset as BB)
– my brother, who wrote some texts for the lore of DS
– Elowiny (Gigastructures dev) allowed me to use some script templates to create the megastructure weapons
– Aryx (Machine Shipset), I use one requested mesh for some models like the Halo ring

Terms of use

Please do not simply include any DarkSpace files in modpacks or similar stuff without asking.
Uploading my mods to the Paradox Mod Workshop or any other website is NOT allowed.


Every part of the mod has tooltips, tutorials or similar. Please watch out for them, or your situation-log. You can obviously still ask here on Steam or on Discord.

Here a good showcase video by Michael-. Please leave him a like & sub for his work 🙂

Attention: Some values in the video can be outdated because I work a lot on this mod, its not the video creator’s fault if something seems different.


Join the Stellaris Modding Discord and visit the channel #darkspace for discussions or questions. [discord.gg]

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