Hope of Mankind

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Author: Kiran Maosen

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This mod is the updated version of Reign of mankind. My new Pc will not let me update my old mod.

This Is Built for Roleplay and not balance

On the world of Earth, Explorers of old thought of lands beyond the Horizon. They found the Old Myths of Atlantis, Mu and Lemuria. As well as new Lands that where never known America and Australia. With Humanity being spurred on by The Council of 9 in the United Nations, The planet had finally unified under the UN. With the Murors latest discovery of FTL Hyperlanes, the galaxy is rapidly opening up for the blue marble. What legends await in the darkness of space?

The AML Sol is more advanced than in OTL, The Western World hard at work making mars into a profitable mining colony under the Guidance of Atlantis and the America’s. Venus being terraformed by the Sino and Russo-spheres to help sustain Earths ever growing Population. The moon is being colonized by Europe and Lemuria. Lunar domes pocket the surface and is quickly becoming a secondary pity stop before launching into deep space.

Atlantis Mu and Lemuria by Thursasprengir

Nemisis is a Hypothetical Brown or Red Dwarf Star that orbits the sun 1.5 lightyears out.

Tyche is a Hypothetical Oort cloud resided Gas Giant that supposedly dragged Sedna to where it is.

Nibiru is a Psudoescientific doom planet that supposedly causes earths mass extinctions, i found this comical

Vulcan was a Theoretical Planet even closer to the sun than mercury until General Relativity ruled it out.