Space Marine Forces

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Author: LastLeviathan

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This is a small unit and building flavour pack to augment any galactic campaigns with Warhammer 40k inspired fervour. The flavour text is kept intentionally generalised in case you want to play with your Space Marines or Chapters differently than is specific to lore (such as using various different species). Although keep in mind – that would be heresy.

The mod is a roleplay mod and so may not be completely balanced. The various Space Marines are based off the Gene Warriors but augmented by 2-3 times their strength and other increases, and costs are doubled in exchange. Titans are meant to stand toe to toe with the most powerful precursor mechs. In order to acquire these armies, you require the techs Gene Tailoring (Space Marines), Durasteel Materials (Titans), The Living State (Death Watch) and Telepathy (Brotherhoods) for each respectively, which unlocks the associated buildings that will open up the option to construct them.

3 New Buildings

  • Space Marine Chapter Fortress
  • Deathwatch Fortress
  • Titan Foundry

5 New Units:

  • Space Marine Company
  • Space Marine Garrison (Defense)
  • Space Marine Brotherhood
  • Death Watch Elite Company
  • Titan Legion

AI Functionality:

  • Militarist AI have a rare chance to build the Space Marine Fortresses and those with the Imperial Cult Civic may build the Deathwatch Fortress. Militarist and Materialist have a small chance to build Titans.
  • As I can not code them to build the armies without overwriting vanilla files, a temporary workaround is that the AI will spawn several armies when they construct the buildings

Save game compatible, can be added in at any time.

This mod effects no vanilla game files and should have no issue with other mods.


Special thanks to the 40k wiki for some of the info included in the descriptions.


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