Azur Lane Stellaris DLC – English Translation

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Author: Hawkmoon

Last revision: 23 Jan at 09:01 UTC (4)

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Azur Lane Stellaris DLC by 埃罗芒阿三三 – English Translation

Translation done by using the original chinese files. I translated everything from scratch, so expect some differences to the old version. By no means its perfect, and i expect some errors and weird wording here and there. However i plan to update it as i get some freetime to do it.

You need to load this mod after Azur Lane Stellaris DLC (and Galaxy Idol and Star Oath Project if you use them) to overwrite the old translation.

After i’m done/satisfied with this, i plan to do 埃罗芒阿三三’s other AzurLane based mods.

2022/01/04 – v0.9 – Initial release
2022/01/06 – v0.91 – Fixing a few mistranslations
2022/01/07 – v0.92 – Translated Namelist
2022/01/08 – v0.93 – Fixing some localization errors in Star Oath Project and Galaxy Idol
2022/01/08 – v0.94 – Added translation to ship_parts and tech_ship_parts
2022/01/12 – v0.95 – Added translation to event_KI_I and event_help, revised some Central Office related lines. Now you can read a tutorial about the mod ingame.(Located in Central Office->Agent)
2022/01/15 – v0.96 – Added translation to the Mind Engraving event chain
2022/01/16 – v0.97 – Added translation to the Infinity? Crisis chain
With this, everything should be translated in the base mod for the time being, though errors might be found here and there.

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