Mass Effect: Beyond the Relays – Beta

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After over a year of development, the Beyond the Relays development team are pleased to announce that we are ready to move the mod into our first public beta! Please be aware that as this is a beta, there are still some bugs and issues that need to be worked on, localization that is not yet implemented, etc. With that said, we feel the mod is in a playable enough state, we’re comfortable and excited to show you what we’ve been working on!

The aim of this mod is and always has been to provide a single, comprehensive total conversion mod that brings Stellaris into the Mass Effect universe. There’s a long way to go yet, but we’re excited to take this first step, and finally deliver a playable product to all our fans who have been patiently waiting for so long. As of now, our completed features include:

A map which represents the entirety of the Mass Effect Universe’s Milky Way Galaxy. This map was a labor of love for many of our team members and includes 384 custom solar systems drawing on the in-game galaxy map; primary lore such as specter terminal messages, emails, and news broadcasts; secondary lore such as the Mass Effect novels and Paragon Lost, and even some well-known fan content.

A fully functional and lore friendly mass relay system! The map is organized into star clusters, which are connected to one another via Primary Relays – the main conduit for galactic travel. We’re excited to see how these tightly packed clusters will impact the flow of the game!

Representation of all the Mass Effect races and empires we know and love, and a few new ones to fall in love with too! The major races (such as the Council species, humanity, Quarians and Geth et al.) are included, and some more obscure races, such as the Lystheni, have been expanded upon by our writing team. We hope these new races will flesh out the galaxy and add even deeper dimensions to the politics of the Mass Effect universe!

Fully voiced advisors for major races. You heard me right. We have voice acting.

Multiple shipsets. These are a few models of many more already implemented in the mod.

But even with all the work we’ve done, there’s still more to come! Features still in progress include:

More unique shipsets for as many empires as possible. We’ve received permission from NSC Mass Effect Shipset, Dawn of the Reapers, and numerous contributors on Deviantart to make use of their assets, in addition to those provided by our in-house artists.

Three different modes of play – traditional Stellaris sandbox with each empire starting on even footing, a "Canon" game mode starting shortly after the First Contact War, with each species starting with their lore accurate colonies, technologies, and fleets, and a third hybrid mode that will allow players to play as empires that are primarily event driven in the Canon map.

Further features are planned and being worked on by the team, refer to Dev Diary #3 for a quick overview, but suffice it to say, we intend to keep striving to give you the definitive Mass Effect experience in a Stellaris mod. We appreciate all your patience and support, and we hope you enjoy the beta! Suggestions, bug reports, and the like are always welcome and encouraged on our Discord server.[] As a final thought on our progress, and our determination to see this project through, we leave you with the words of Commander Shepard:

“However insignificant we may be. We will fight. We will sacrifice. And we will find a way.

That’s what humans do."

A HUGE THANK YOU to the following mods and contributors allowing their mods to be fully integrated into BTR.

Planetary Diversity by Gatekeeper
Real Space by Annatar
Mass Effect: Crucible by Garry Windu
Mass Effect Civilizations – Asari by Team Nessassity
Mass Effect Civilizations – Expanded Galaxy by Team Nessassity
Mass Effect Shipsets NSC2 by CaptainX3
Voices of Mass Effect by Naomi Domoto by Naomi Domoto

Additional Assets and lore provided by
Dawn of the Reapers
Expanded Galaxy Mod[]
Spectre Expansion Mod[]

Additional thanks for their contribution provided to –

  • Adriano
  • Superviviente
  • Kroganwar
  • Skull One
  • Ashran1
  • Major_Armadillo

Compatibility Patches:
Compatibility Patch for UI Overhaul Dynamic


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.