UI Overhaul Dynamic – More Tradition Categories (64)

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Author: Orrie

Last revision: 3 Oct at 06:14 UTC

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For 3.1.X ✔️

It does require the main mod to run.

This is a submod for UI Overhaul Dynamic that increases the amount of selectable tradition categories from the default 7 to 64.
(The AI will also fully fill the new slots before using unity ambitions)
This gives you some extra legroom if you’re using custom tradition mods.
Also works nicely in tandem with my Ascension Slots mod.

Supported Mods:
More Category Slots:
📑 Load Order 📑
  1. Any tradition mod(s)
  2. UI Overhaul Dynamic
  3. UI Overhaul Dynamic – More Tradition Categories
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