Trait Upgrader and Better AI Trait Modding for 3.x

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Author: kuyan-judith

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(Because someone asked me to split off the should-be-vanilla bits of my main Trait Mod. This mod’s content is also contained in that mod.)

Makes the AI do trait-modding in a only partly random manner. Also includes my Trait Upgrader.

With this mod, the AI will prioritize traits based on the following:


  • Authoritarians will prioritize Conformist, Docile, Loyalty Circuits, and Propaganda Machines
  • Egalitarians will be generally unwilling to use gene-modding to give their pops more convenient personalities such as with Conservationist or Traditional, and will prioritize making their robots Mass Produced (robots for everyone!)
  • Xenophobes will tend to give their own species Rapid Breeders
  • Xenophiles will prioritize Charismatic, Communal, and Natural Sociologists to help lots of different species live alongside each other and understand each other
  • Militarists will prioritize Strong
  • Pacifists will prioritize Communal
  • Spiritualists will prioritize Traditional and Conservationist and deprioritize Enduring (thinking people should look to the next life rather than prioritizing this one)
  • Materialists will prioritize Enduring (since they definitely don’t expect an afterlife), Intelligent, Natural Physicists, Natural Engineers, and Logic Engines

In general, fanatics will not prioritize traits more than their non-fanatic equivalents would, so as to keep a bit of variety, although they will deprioritize dispreferred traits to a greater extent.

Civics and Authorities:

  • Countries with Catalytic Processing will prioritize Agrarian and Harvesters and deprioritize Industrious and Power Drills
  • Agrarian Idyll countries will prioritize Agrarian for citizen species, and deprioritize Harvesters (since they want the farming jobs for the citizens)
  • Mining Guilds countries will prioritize Industrious
  • Merchant Guild and Megacorp countries will prioritize Thrifty for citizen species
  • Technocracies will prioritize Logic Engines and the Natural [research area] traits for their citizens, and Streamlined Protocols for robots in general
  • Meritocracies will prioritize Enhanced Memory and Learning Algorithms for their citizens
  • Environmentalists will prioritize Communal, Conservational, Double-Jointed, Durable, and Recycled and deprioritize Rapid Breeders and Mass-Produced
  • Warrior Cultures will deprioritize Enduring, since people ought to die in battle before they can live to old age anyway.
  • Shared Burden countries will prioritize Communal
  • Media Conglomerates will prioritize Charismatic and Propaganda Machines
  • Rogue Servitors will prioritize Emotion Emulators

Home Planet and Preference:
The AI will prioritize giving each species traits that will be useful for the types of job most common on its home planet (for example, Intelligent if its home planet is a Tech-World or Industrious if it’s a Mining World), and to the resources most common on planets where it has high habitability (for example, since Wet planets get a lot of food deposits, the AI will tend to make species from Wet planets Agrarian)

Species Rights:
The AI will mostly not give slaves traits that are only useful in specialist jobs, and will not give species with neither full citizenship nor full military service traits only useful for leaders, with the exception that Xenophiles with non-citizen species might still give those species Enduring or Venerable, and if Spiritualist might also give them Traditional.

Existing traits of own and other species:
AI countries with multiple species will try to specialize each for different jobs; to do this, they will:

  • prioritize giving each species traits good for the same jobs as its existing traits (e.g. Charismatic and Thrifty, both good for clerks)
  • deprioritize giving each species with traits good for one job (e.g. Agrarian, good for Farmers) traits good for a different job (e.g. Charismatic, good for amenities-producing jobs)
  • deprioritize giving species job-focused traits that another species in the country already have, especially if that species has similar habitability preferences.
  • Prioritize habitability-improving traits for Gaia and Relic World species, since they have low habitability for almost all planets.

Ascenscion Perks:

  • Countries with Xenocompatibility will prioritize Charismatic.
  • Countries with The Flesh is Weak, Colossus Project, or Galactic Wonders will prioritize Natural Engineers
  • Countries with Galactic Wonders will prioritize Natural Physicists
  • Countries with Engineered Evolution or Mind Over Matter will prioritize Natural Sociologists
  • Countries with Voidborn, World Shaper, or Galactic Wonders will deprioritize Adaptive

Additionally, AI countries with the technology to do so will sometimes add up to one negative trait or remove up to one positive trait per species when doing so opens up high-priority positive traits, chosen randomly with weights modifiers affected by approximately the opposite modifiers as those traits’ opposite positive traits. Additionally, Ruthless Capitalists are more likely to make their pops Wasteful, Environmentalists more likely to use Repurposed Hardware, and Aristocratic Elites more likely to make their robots Luxurious.

Overwrites 04_species_traits.txt and 05_species_traits_robotic.txt



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