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Author: AlphaAsh

Last revision: 1 Nov, 2021 at 23:31 UTC (2)

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New Authorities in AlphaMod 3.1

This supplement introduces three new authorities: Mercantile, Tribal, Theocratic.

Mercantile empires have a lot of similarities with Mega-corporations, but the most notable difference is that government is not by a single corporation, but rather representatives of the largest Merchant Houses.

Tribal empires must have three ethics, and are governed by the chieftains of the various tribes that their society is divided into.

Stellaris’ vanilla authorities are very broad, but like with PDS slicing out Megacorporations from those broad categories, the Theocratic authority is an attempt at slicing out an authority specifically focused on spiritual empires.

Each has some new associated mechanics, which I’m not going to document in this blurb. So experiment, discover, fail, start again. I do have plans to expand on the content and features for all three authorities.

The following vanilla files are modified by this mod:

Requires AlphaMod 3.1 and MegaCorp DLC.
May break an existing save-game. Start a new game.
Not ironpants cheev compatible.



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Stellaris: MegaCorp
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